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 DOI Realism Discussion

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Payne [193rd GIR]
Staff Sergeant, E-3.


PostSubject: DOI Realism Discussion   Mon Apr 25 2016, 21:05

I wanted to start up this post for discussing and defining DOI realism. If we plan on conducting and hosting public realism events, we need to have a defined play style.

What are your thoughts on realism in DOI, specifically for public realism? Do you still think the "Die and spectate" rule would work or would we use the reinforcement wave play style? What would define a "realism" event on our server from any other regular public server?

I personally think that realism events in DOI will be the nature of how it's played by the players, rather than the game type/style that is being pushed through the game itself. I believe the tactical play style, in contrast to the "run & gun/ spray & pray" play styles, will be what defines realism in DOI. Pre-planned event, playing as a squad, communicating in TS, rallying up before advancing independently on an objective, having squad leaders and so forth, would be what sets apart a "realism" event from any regular public server. The game mod already has a realistic feel, so that part of realism is already complete..


Staff Sergeant Tyler Payne
Platoon Guide

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
Platoon Headquarters.
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R. Hoffman [5th RB]
Generally Discharged.


PostSubject: Re: DOI Realism Discussion   Mon Apr 25 2016, 21:52

I'm just gonna KISS this:

I enjoy the game modes of Insurgency. When we played the realism match with the 7 Cav and we did Invasion on Dog Red Sector, that was the most fun realism match I've ever had hands down (and my best realism match in retrospect).

Realism is fun but it slows the game down, way too much. It bores me and I love the realism community. But it's just misplaced in DoD and DoI. The maps are too small for it, allowing any greenhorn squad leader to place one really well positioned rifleman in a spot to wipe out an entire enemy team. It almost happened to me on Flash in DoI and I always seemed to win like that in DoD realism. Realism game mode, only seems to work in a game like ArmA 3, which I've been researching and found some great WWII mods (this will go off topic so I'll divert back).

To keep it realistic (in terms of realism mode) there are different respawn rules based on different game modes in DoI. There's single life, objective based respawns and reinforcement based respawns. Some objective based game modes that would really work are:
Firefight - 5 objectives, 2 per team, 1 neutral. You only get a respawn if you capture.
Flashpoint - 3 control points, 1 is neutral. 2 radio stations, 1 per team. Capture the objectives to earn a respawn wave. A destroyed radio station prevents disables that teams respawn waves from replenishing.

Flashpoint is actually used in Insurgency's competitive scene for competition, which really highlights all the games strong points. If we get a good turnout (ie teams are 7v7 or more) we should definitely do Invasion or conquer again.

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Lippa [193rd GIR]
Corporal, E-5.


PostSubject: Re: DOI Realism Discussion   Mon Jan 15 2018, 17:45

with my experience in realism on various games i think its first, best to set up a 193rd public events group on steam, this will allow us to get a solid public group together, that knows what they are doing and how we conduct realism, which will help expedite the initial stand in a line, choose your teams and classes, and it will allow us to set out announcements so we may have a bigger showing for our realism's. as for the server itself we should make it password protected
during our events.

i would most certainly keep it to one life realism, or make it so respawns have to stick together or go in buddy teams. no lone wolfing unless your guys get mowed down while your in the field, in which you must look for the nearest group. i think our skirm thats coming up will allow us to collab and get more ideas on realism in DoI, aswell as get us a start on our public community, as long as they are respectful (ive seen units raid other units servers n such). having members is great but a public community is important as well, we shouldn't be pushing them to join but keep it as an option to them realism should not be secluded to members only we want to spread the spirit of realism in this game.

however... THIS GAME NEEDS HUGE... or bigger maps, with open ares where players and squads aren,t tightly packed in the CQB only maps we have for DOI so far don't cater to well to tactics, and maneuvering, and soldiery skills that realism calls for.
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PostSubject: Re: DOI Realism Discussion   

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DOI Realism Discussion
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