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 Enlistment Application - Laurenzo, Nick

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Laurenzo [193rd GIR]
Private First Class, E-6.


PostSubject: Enlistment Application - Laurenzo, Nick   Sat Nov 10 2018, 12:50

1. Recruit Full Name.  (Laurenzo, Nick)
You are free to choose an alias name if you are not comfortable using your real name, but please don't use fictional characters, fake/unrealistic names or celebrity names.  Once accepted, you will be expected to wear your rank, unit tags and avatar at all times.

2. Steam Name: CapitalistNick
This allows us make contact with you on steam.

3. Steam ID. STEAM_0:1:51464382
This allows us make contact with you on steam.

4. Age and Date of Birth.  16/06/1999
DOB to be given as DD/MM/YYYY. We do not have an age requirement, however maturity is a must.

5. Nationality. American
We encourage applicants from all over the world but please ensure you can attend our training sessions before applying. Some time zones make it difficult or impossible to attend.

6. Do you own Post Scriptum? Yes
We are currently transitioning our unit from Day of Infamy into Post Scriptum.

7. Do you have a working microphone? Yes
Communication is essential to being in the Gliders and you will not be accepted without having a working microphone.  Teamwork is a must!  No lone wolves.

8. Do you agree to remain active each week by attending a mandatory drill, community events, checking the forums regularly and so forth? Yes
All of our members must attend training's as much as possible, you are also expected to check the forums frequently for unit announcements, promotions and modification updates. You are also expected to post a Leave of Absence when you're unable to attend a mandatory drill.

9. Are you able to attend at least one the following training days? Yes
Thursdays at 2000 EST (8:00 pm EST) and/or Sundays at 1500 EST (3:00 pm EST).  We also hold random non-mandatory community events throughout the week such as friendly inter-unit scrims, pub nights, movie nights, and other game nights, to name a few.

10. How did you hear about us? Retired Member
Did a current member recruit you, if so, who? It is important you tell us the specific name so we can credit those gliders with promotion points.

11. Are you able to speak fluent English? Yes
This is a primary requirement as we are an English speaking group.

12. Are you currently in a unit, clan or community? No
We do not accept applicants who are members of other communities. We expect complete dedication from our members.

13. Have you been a member of any other realism groups or units. If so, please tell us about your experiences. 5th RB and this one
I was in it almost two years combined, I was a SL ranking CPL and I was a T/5 Clerk once.

14. Do you have any previous real-life experience in your nations armed forces, cadet forces, reserve forces, civil defense / security work or reenactment?: No
Having real-life experience with any military or military affiliated group can be valuable as the 193rd Glider Infantry is a realism military simulator group.

15. Please elaborate on why you wish to join the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment. I'm  back from retirement, I missed you all.
Please be as detailed as possible, a well worded and expansive response will benefit your application.

Private First Class Nick Laurenzo
Honorably Discharged
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Cairntrodlie [193rd GIR]
Staff Sergeant, E-3.


PostSubject: Re: Enlistment Application - Laurenzo, Nick   Sat Nov 10 2018, 14:29

Quote :






Nick Laurenzo,

As a retired member of the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment you are entitled to return to the unit as a Private First Class as an assigned Rifleman.

Final information.
1. When joining our server, and an Officer is present, you will type *Salute*.
2. Stay active on the servers, forums and discord important announcements come at random.
3. Your forum username has been changed to 
Laurenzo [193rd GIR].

If you ever need help with anything, contact your Squad Leader immediately.


Staff Sergeant Martin Cairntrodlie,
Recruitment Staff.

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment,
Charlie Company Headquarters.

Staff Sergeant Martin Cairntrodlie
Platoon Sergeant

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
Platoon Headquarters.
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Enlistment Application - Laurenzo, Nick
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