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 9Kompanie vs 193rd GIR Scrimmage Request

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Zimmermann |9.Komp|


PostSubject: 9Kompanie vs 193rd GIR Scrimmage Request   Wed Jun 27 2018, 15:15

Unit Name: 9.Kompanie
Point of Contact:  Uscha. Zimmermann or Ustuf. Kramer.
Website: http://9komp.com/community/index.php
Voice Server: Teamspeak: http://ts3.9komp.com:2040
Rules: -Two rounds as attacker, two rounds as defender.
-If necessary, 5th round as tie breaker.
-We're gonna switch teams after the 2nd round.
-Axis defend first, Allies attack first.
-Lone wolfing/run n gun/call of duty gameplay is considered forfeit and disqualification.
-Defenders set up throughout the map in fireteams defending key structures/locations, distanced away from the designated midline/no man's land.
-Attackers wait for ready from defenders then initiate attack in either squad or fireteam formation.
-No respawns. Defenders win after attackers are eliminated and vice versa.
-Mid-Line, don't go into that redzone when defending as Germans.
-Mid-Line, don't go into that redzone when defending as Americans.
-Attacking team will capture c point BEFORE the round starts.
-I decided to make the mid-line a little to the right, because the Americans on this map have a lot more space to defend, than the Germans.
- 1 lethal and 1 non lethal, NO CARPET BOMBING OR STUKA

Class Set.
10v10= 1 officer, 1 sniper or mg, 1 supports, and 1 radioman, and 1 assault.
12 v 12 or higher= 1 officer, 1 engineer, 1 sniper or mg, 1 assault, 1 supports, and 1 radioman.

Date: Sunday, July 1st
Time:  3 P:M Est
Players:  10v10
Map: Saint-Lo  
Additional Info: This is a official Scrimmage.
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9Kompanie vs 193rd GIR Scrimmage Request
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