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 Public Realism 5/4/18

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Lippa [193rd GIR]
Corporal, E-5.


PostSubject: Public Realism 5/4/18   Sun Apr 29 2018, 20:47

Public Game Night
Who:  193rd members with the Public, and 9 Komp
What:  Public Realism
When:  04 May 2018, 1900 EST
Where:  193rd public server 
Why: to build a public presence with our community and partake in public realism with the community.

The event will start at 1900EST and will last for an hour. members must stick together in squads, fire teams or buddy teams, communicating in game (no discord) moving tactically, and using what we have learned in drill. if you die, you must wait and go out with someone or a group and continue playing in a realism manner. feel free to get pubbers involved in the teamwork, this is a time to intermingle, with pubbers, and 9k, and show the pubbers what realism is all about. NCO’s will be facilitating the event (Cpls and above) but that doesn’t mean if you’re a Pvt or a Pfc you get off scotch free!! Take the initiative, help out and do your part to make this night a reality all members are leaders!
Please sign up below if you can confirm that you'll be able to make this event.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

the event lasts 1 hour but you may continue if you wish. members who stay for an hour will receive 1 promotion point. NCO's take screenshots of the attendance!
Please provide your response in this format.

Attending/Not Attending:
Those attending:
Pvt Shortback

Corporal Seth Lippa
Squad Leader

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
First Squad.
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Shortback [193rd GIR]
Generally Discharged.


PostSubject: Re: Public Realism 5/4/18   Mon Apr 30 2018, 11:02

Rank: Private, E-7.
Name: Shortback, Samuel.
Attending/Not Attending: Attending.
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Public Realism 5/4/18
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