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 Enlistment Application - Samuel Shortback

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Shortback [193rd GIR]
Generally Discharged.


PostSubject: Enlistment Application - Samuel Shortback   Wed Mar 28 2018, 12:31

1. Recruit Full Name.  (Last, First)
Samuel Norman Shortback

2. Steam Name

3. Steam ID.

4. Age and Date of Birth.
03/12/2001 - 16 years old.

5. Nationality.
North American, United States citizen, Eastern Standard Time.

6. Do you own Day of Infamy or plan to own Hell Let Loose?
I own Day of Infamy, and I plan to get Hell Let Loose, but I'm unsure if my computer will be good enough to run it.

7. Do you have a working microphone?

8. Do you agree to remain active each week by attending drills, events, checking the forums regularly and so forth?
I will try my best, but I hope it is understood that I will take school and IRL activities as priority.

9. Are you able to attend the following training days?
I would usually be available for both.

10. How did you hear about us?
I was playing Day of Infamy with a friend and encountered the server, I've never even heard of DOI Realism Units until yesterday. Pfc. Tadlock said something about the forums in the DOI chat, and I checked it out.

11. Are you able to speak fluent English?

12. Are you currently in a unit, clan or community?

13. Have you been a member of any other realism groups or units. If so, please tell us about your experiences.
I have not, this will be a first.

14. Do you have any previous real-life experience in your nations armed forces, cadet forces, reserve forces, civil defense / security work or reenactment?
I am currently an active cadet in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program, the Air Force auxiliary. I am a Cadet Airman as of now.

15. Please elaborate on why you wish to join the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
I wish to join because in all honesty I'm interested. I've never been in a realism unit, and never thought there was such a thing, especially in a game like Day of Infamy. I'd like to be able to experience military aspects while also playing a fun game and making some friends. This whole concept is quite intriguing and I wish to investigate more. I think it would be a good past time for me, and I'd like to get involved.
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Cairntrodlie [193rd GIR]
Staff Sergeant, E-3.


PostSubject: Re: Enlistment Application - Samuel Shortback   Wed Mar 28 2018, 12:33

Quote :



DATE: 28 MARCH 2018.



Samuel Shortback,

We have taken your application into consideration, and we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted into the elite fighting force of the United States Army Gliders. In the next two to three weeks you will endure specialized training in our unique brand of aggressive fighting. You will be molded from a civilian into a Glider.

What does this mean?
You are required to complete the next stages before entering Glider Infantry School:

1. Change your Steam Username to Rct. Shortback [193rd GIR].

2. Your forum username has been changed to Shortback [193rd GIR].

3. Change your steam avatar to the glider recruit avatar found HERE

4. Lastly, Check in for active duty by clicking HERE and fully reading/understanding all of the information.  Your probationary period will not begin until you "Check in for Active Duty"!


Sergeant Cairntrodlie.
Head Recruiter.

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment,
Charlie Company Headquarters.

Staff Sergeant Martin Cairntrodlie
Platoon Sergeant

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
Charlie Company, First Platoon.
Platoon Headquarters.
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Enlistment Application - Samuel Shortback
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