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 Enlistment Application - Ivan Winters.

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Winters [193rd GIR]
Private First Class, E-6.


PostSubject: Enlistment Application - Ivan Winters.   Tue Jan 09 2018, 13:27

1. Recruit name.
Ivan Winters

2. Steam profile name.
[HRV] Terrixfull

3. Steam ID.

4. Age and Date of Birth.

5. Nationality.

6. Do you own Day of Infamy or plan to own Hell Let Loose?
I own Day of Infamy.

7. Do you have a working microphone?
Yes I do.

8. Do you agree to remain active each week by attending drills, events, checking the forums regularly and so forth?
I do.

9. Are you able to attend the following training days?
Don't know if I will be able to attend on wednesday, but I am free on sunday.

10. How did you hear about us?
I saw your post on steam discussion forum.

11. Are you able to speak fluent English?
Yes I am.

12. Are you currently in a unit, clan or community?
No I am not.

13. Have you been a member of any other realism groups or units. If so, please tell us about your experiences.
No I haven't.

14. Do you have any previous real-life experience in your nations armed forces, cadet forces, reserve forces, civil defense / security work or reenactment?
No I don't.

15. Please elaborate on why you wish to join the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment.
I wish to join 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment because I want to gain some experience from real life military personnel and I am tired of playing alone on Day of Infamy servers. I also want to have some fun and as I said learn. Not to mention I really love history and I am really into this whole franchise.
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Cairntrodlie [193rd GIR]
Staff Sergeant, E-3.


PostSubject: Re: Enlistment Application - Ivan Winters.   Tue Jan 09 2018, 13:30

Quote :



DATE: 09 JANUARY 2018.



Ivan Winters,

We have taken your application into consideration, and we are pleased to announce that you have been accepted into the elite fighting force of the United States Army Gliders. In the next three weeks you will endure specialized training in our unique brand of aggressive fighting. You will be molded from a civilian into a Glider.

What does this mean?
You are required to complete the next stages before entering Glider Infantry School:

1. Change your Steam Username to Rct. Winters [193rd GIR].
2. Change your Steam avatar to: 
3. Read the Glider Handbook.

Your training schedule.
Sundays at 1400 EST.

Recruits only need to complete two training classes before the end of their probationary period to be eligible to graduate.

Glider Training will be held on our training server.

Final information.
1. When joining our server, and an Officer is present, you will type *Salute*.
2. Stay active on the servers, forums and discord important announcements come at random.
3. Your forum username has been changed to Winters [193rd GIR].

If you ever need help with anything, contact these individuals immediately:

Assistant Instructor: Sergeant Tyler Payne.
Steam Profile
Forum Profile

Assistant Drill Instructor: Corporal Nick Laurenzo.
Steam Profile
Forum Profile


Corporal Martin Cairntrodlie,
Recruitment Staff.

193rd Glider Infantry Regiment,
Charlie Company Headquarters.
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Enlistment Application - Ivan Winters.
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